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My Fictional Life

Overgrown Milestone, September 30, 2015

Another marker by the King’s Road tells us 250 stories online today. 100 and 200 were both suitably prominent - I even broke update order for 100, and it went on to provide Ponzi Equips Sword - but the 50s, well, I couldn’t tell you what they were without looking it up. Next week: 251!

Brick Upon Brick, September 23, 2015

I guess that once The Pyramid Scheme came up in Ponzi, I was destined from that moment to eventually write it, even if I didn’t know it at the time. One thing that does bug me about much of modern entertainment, as already touched upon (and was going to be a bigger element of Promotion Via Explosives), is that things which I consider to be goals humanity should be aiming for are handled as the domain of the bad guys, or things to be feared, or generally painted as a bad idea. I understand that such media often have different dramatic demands than I do, but still. That’s the whole point of Future Soap - let’s have such things as the interesting background to a different type of story. Hopefully we’re on the verge of that now. There’s a screenplay waiting to be written there, but it’s definitely going to have to wait a bit longer if it wants any attention from me!

The Show Must Go On, September 16, 2015

Getting ready for the Tokyo Game Show and trying to fend off work unsuccessfully today has led to a last minute rush that I’d better get back to! Enjoy!

Driving Reality, September 09, 2015

Our car returned today, but not before I finally got my hands on some doughnuts a few days ago. They were more sugar than dough, real death-sticks, and after so “long” without access to junk the sugar rush was so intense I almost passed out. Especially seeing as I don’t actually drive myself, being without the car didn't feel all that bad in the end. Our life of seclusion is at an end, anyway, accompanied by a hard-won Fritter that I pretty much started from scratch earlier tonight...