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Full Introduction

My Fictional Life

Another Super Combination, February 25, 2015

Late night now and early morning tomorrow! Combine! The power of zero time!

A Pun Too Far, February 18, 2015

I’m always open to pun names for puppets, in case you hadn’t noticed; tonight, however, things may finally go too far. Tread carefully going into this one. I just kind of threw the name out there, but then couldn’t bring myself to change it. Will he get his own story in the future? Probably somewhere down the line. The rest of Five Golden Years is pretty full up already - it already looks like it will end with 28 rather than the so-far traditional 26.

Keep Up, Again!, February 11, 2015

I think I’ve talked before about volume of exposition and leaving the pieces for the reader to work out on their own. I like to think that I do this a lot; maybe it can be too obscure, or too minor a connection, but I like to believe that a trail has at least been laid. See if you agree in tonight’s update. I had the idea for this one months ago, and had a rough version of each section ready quite a while back too, but sitting thinking about it this morning, I realised that the entire thing actually had the potential to be a massive plot hole. The resolution to that hole then became the backbone of the piece, and also gave me the ending. We get there in the end!

Snow on the Farm, February 04, 2015

I’ve finally settled on the ending to Ponzi, and I’ll be writing it tomorrow. That has nothing to do with tonight’s update, however, and I’m going to need some new puppets in two weeks’ time as well! Still just keeping the lights on for now!