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My Fictional Life

In The Criminal Justice System, July 30, 2014

Although I never really got into the spinoffs, even with the presence of Munch, I’m a very big fan of the original Law & Order, it’s twenty (count ‘em!) glorious seasons comprising a comparatively large drop in the bucket of content I’ve consumed since I started working from home more than ten years ago. It really is the procedural’s procedural, and at some point I’m sure I’ll go back to it, in one format or other. Anyway, one phrase that I absolutely love, and which appears fairly regularly during that show, is “Black Letter Law.” That gets capitals because, yes, as soon as I started writing something even remotely involving the law, I made that the title and then couldn’t bring myself to change it. Seeing it with capitals there also gives me ideas for a show about a by-the-book African American attorney. Too on the nose? Maybe David E. Kelly or Dick Wolf will pick up for next season.

Last Line of Defense Against the Horde, July 23, 2014

As we live in the mountains, and the majority of the biomass of Japan is probably insects, once the sun goes down it turns into something very much resembling the world from The Mist outside. I actually saw one of those massive four legged things that they drive under at the end of the movie version - although it may or may not have been quite that size. Anyway, it’s always a sobering thought that these four walls, thick and insulation packed though they are (rare for Japan), are the only things keeping that terrible horde from invading. In other, unrelated news, a small group pay their respects at a currently unmarked grave.

The Inevitable Grind, July 16, 2014

I took one lousy day off (almost - was working after getting home) at the weekend, and have spent every day since then trying to catch back up. When things start to pile on, they just keep on coming, and I’m slipping out of “working begrudgingly” mode and into “Terrible Machine” mode again. It has provided me with the idea for a future Fritter, however, so I’ll probably remind of you this day sometime next year. Let’s hope we’re all still here - chaos is inevitable, after all.

Do Keep Up, July 09, 2014

Hopefully a few things become clearer after tonight, just filling in some of details. I tend to run without exposition on certain things for so long that, when I reach the point at which I originally planned to “reveal” it, it’s actually all out there already. Of course, it also helps if you’re paying attention!