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Full Introduction

My Fictional Life

Eye Glue Attack, April 01, 2015

I woke up this morning with my left eye glued shut. I think I’ve mentioned before about kids bringing disease into the house; in this case, I thought I’d escaped. Obviously not. It doesn’t make updating any easier, but we should get there before too much longer!

Final Stages, March 25, 2015

I’m coming into the home straight with Ponzi, both in terms of running it on the site and actually writing the thing. Everything is in position and most have been at least drafted. I’ve got one specific episode that I’m saving to write last, once everything else is pretty much done; and no, it’s not the last one, or even the penultimate one, both of which have been in place for a while now! Tonight, anyway, things get really crazy, including a reveal that’s been brewing since day one. It finishes on a pretty crude note, but after I wrote that final line I just couldn’t bring myself to change it; just the perfect double meaning. It’s like the duck or old lady conversation I had back with Two Old Dragons. Delicious.

Dribbling Mind Melt, March 18, 2015

I’ve had a mind-melting few days of grindingly slow, research heavy translation, and having finished it this morning my brain was running out of my ears by about noon. I need sleep and at least one day off; the first I’ll hopefully get in a moment, but the second one... not sure when that last happened! It’s my birthday on Saturday so maybe I’ll aim for that?

Third Time Not The Charm, March 11, 2015

Breaking the recent trend, I’ve got plenty of time tonight and might even get to the cinema tomorrow, depending on how much I feel like a long round trip in order to watch American Sniper. Meanwhile, with ten stories left to go, Ponzi takes a breath before heading into the run of craziness that will take us up to the end. I’ve starting mapping out Fritters Five and there’s likely to be some spill over into that, too, but I’m not interested in directly continuing the stories of Reef and Sander once Ponzi is finished. I’ve decided to tell everything I want to within the series, and we start to get into that tonight.